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Wealth Tree Financial Logo LargeWealth Tree Financial is a national wealth strategies company based out of Eagle, Idaho. We have worked with thousands of individuals from blue collar Americans to those with millions of dollars.

Our safe money strategies have helped our clients plan and achieve their financial goals and enjoy successful retirements for almost three decades.

Although many of our advisors started their careers as Wall-Street based investors, we have all come down similar paths to one belief: safe and secure investments work better.

We have seen the Wall-Street machine in action. Money under management and high risk investing offers very few people successful retirement and investment plans. The ones who win in the Wall-Street game are the ones managing the money.

We want to help everyone we can achieve financial success with smarter investment options. We believe in these strategies and that is why we use them in our own lives as well.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Learn more about our safe money philosophy and why for over 30 years we have helped individuals plan for their retirement with unique and effective approaches.
The Wealth Tree Advantage

The Wealth Tree Advantage

At Wealth Tree Financial we offer advantages over our competition that you won’t find anywhere else. We put our clients first which means stronger investment options for you.
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