The Wealth Tree AdvantageAt Wealth Tree Financial we offer advantages that our competition cannot.

We use time-tested methods for financial success. And, while many advisors are forced, or prodded, into using only specific financial products, we have studied and hand selected our products because of their ability to perform for our clients.

We offer retirement plans based on safety. Because of this, our clients find themselves often out-performing their original retirement plans and goals. We want you to achieve financial success no matter how the market performs.

We want our clients to leave a legacy. Often, financial success is dictated by some form of luck. Our strategies are based around safe investment options that leave tax-free income to families when we die. This safety net gives us a peace of mind for today, and for tomorrow.

We practice what we preach – our advisors don’t sell anything they don’t believe in themselves. We pick the products we sell in order to benefit the client, which often times translates into less money for us. We are ok with this. We would rather have more clients that feel confident in their financial plans than make more money for ourselves.

Our goal is simple: a safe and secure financial future for everyone.

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