Are Indexed Annuities SafeOur philosophy is to keep money safe while maximizing growth. You can learn more about our philosophies in our “10-Minute Retirement Guide”. But do Indexed Annuities fit into the category of safe money?

The way an indexed annuity works is that we trade some of our gains for a no-loss investment. This means that, when our money grows, we agree to pay a little from that growth. However, in a losing year we cannot go lower than 0%, so we will never lose money.

Of course, depending on which years you select and which investments you compare it with, anyone can make annuities look amazing or average. The reality is, annuities offer a safe investment option with some great growth potential.

If you are looking to take more risk in your investments then annuities probably aren’t for you. If you are looking for a safer way to invest for the future with a more secure outlook, then indexed annuities may offer you an option worth exploring.

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