Growth and SafetyOne of our core philosophies is having a safe place for money to grow. You can learn more about this in our free “10-Minute Retirement Guide.”

Whole life insurance offers us a place to grow our money safely. This is the reason we use whole life insurance—it fits what we want to accomplish.

When properly structured, life insurance has been shown to offer growth of 6.52% or more. Add the tax benefits and this we have the equivalent of 8% to 9% earned in a taxable account. This makes life insurance extremely competitive for growing your wealth.

Life insurance also offers us safety. Properly structured insurance policies have a guaranteed minimum growth. Also, we don’t use any life insurance company that hasn’t paid minimum growth rates for the last 100+ years. This means that through the great depression and multiple recessions these companies were paying out earnings, in the form of dividends, to those who held whole life insurance policies.

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