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10-Minute Retirement Guide

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Infinite Banking Concepts

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Income for Life

Infinite Banking Concept

Infinite Banking

Based in cash value life insurance, this concept offers a better, safe investment to grow your wealth.
Indexed Annuities

Indexed Annuities

Indexed annuities offer competitive growth, tax-deferral, no-loss provisions, and income for life.
Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Whether you are preparing to retire, or planning ahead, having a solid retirement plan will help you reach your goals.

—Our Safe Investment Approach—

Today, Wall-Street has become a giant money management system based on risk. Asset allocation, diversification, and other terms are all used to make you feel better about one thing–putting money in their hands.

Our strategies are different. By focusing on reducing taxes, eliminating losses, and keeping money available for emergencies and opportunities, we can have a much greater positive impact and build a much brighter future.

Risk is not necessary, although there are times when it can be a good decision. Learn more about our philosophy on safe investments and the fundamentals of money in our free “10-Minute Retirement Guide.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What safe investments do you use?

Because of their growth and no-loss options, we focus mainly on using Cash Value Life Insurance as well as Indexed Annuities.

What companies do you invest with?

We do not invest with one company specifically. We are brokers which means we often look at multiple options to find the best fit for your unique situation.

Where should I start?

Whether you are nearing retirement or just looking for better safe investment options, our “10-Minute Retirement Guide” will give you a better idea of our philosophies and approaches to financial planning.

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We have over 30 years of financial planning experience and expertise.

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We only use safe financial methods that have been proven to work.


We focus on safe investment strategies for a more secure and predictable future.


Here’s what just a few of our clients have said

Linda and Jeff B Testimonial

“Using Infinite Banking, we were able to pay off all our debt and build some significant cash savings.”

–Linda and Jeff B.
Craig S

“As a dentist, utilizing these financial tools has helped me run my business more efficiently.”

–Craig S.

“This strategy has not failed me. Grateful to work with someone responsive and knowledgeable.”

–Nick G.
Terry and Pam W

“We are now securely established in our whole life policies and looking confidently to our future.”

–Terry and Pam W.

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